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Christmas 2005

I thought about taking Christmas off from writing this blog.  After all, it is a legal holiday.  But how can I disappoint my millions of fans (don’t check the site meter) who read me every week? Deb and I are … Continue reading

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Episode 11: Merry Christmas From Hubbard Wisconsin

After a long and unusually warm fall, winter came quickly to Hubbard, providing bone-chilling cold in early December.  High temperatures have been in the twenties with low temperatures around zero degrees Fahrenheit.   A light, fluffy snow came down all day … Continue reading

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It’s Christmas, Dammit!

When I was about twelve years old I first encountered the word XMAS.  My mother told me that the “X” was intended to shorten the word Christmas, but that she didn’t really like the abbreviated word.  “After all”, she said, … Continue reading

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The Economics of Kenny and Tookie

This week Kenneth Lee Boyd was executed in North Carolina for the 1988 murder of his wife and father-in-law.  He had the distinction of being the 1,000th person executed in the United States since the Supreme Court reinstated the death … Continue reading

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