Politicians Run Amok

There has been a lot of chaos in the United States during the time that hurricane Katrina and Rita have paid us a visit.  I’m not talking about the wind, the rain, the flooding, the deaths, or the property damage.  It’s the chaos in Washington that really concerns me.

Once they appear, hurricanes can be tracked.  They are a logical, understandable, natural phenomenon.  They consist of high winds and lots of rain.  But once they’re gone you can clean up and life slowly approaches a normal state.   The politicians in Washington, including the President and virtually every senator and congressman in a leadership position, are illogical.  Worse yet, when they are done with the American public, we are stuck with their racism, high deficits and increased fiscal burden that will last long after we have cleaned up and rebuilt from these hurricanes.  They’ve all made me sick the last three weeks, regardless of party affiliation.

First of all, the politicians have shamefully used the hurricanes to play the race card.  The President and others have given lip service to the plight of blacks in America, stirring up the cauldron of race, and citing inequality and lack of funds for entitlement programs for “African Americans.”  I’ve got news for these politicians.  The fact that the majority of those stranded in New Orleans were black is not a result of discrimination or racial inequality.  It is, simply, a statistical certainty.  In a city where 67.3% of the people are black, roughly 67.3% of those stranded will be black.

Listening to the press, you would think that all of those evacuated were black folks who couldn’t leave the city due to the lack of transportation or funds.  In fact, a survey done of evacuees transported from the Louisiana Superdome to the Houston Astrodome indicates that well over sixty percent of those who rode out the storm in New Orleans voluntarily chose to stay.  That leaves roughly 35 percent who couldn’t find transportation or didn’t have the money to get out of town.

Frankly, I’m sick of this “African American” garbage.  I don’t know anyone who refers to himself as a European American or an Asian American.  It is time that journalists and others start referring to blacks as Americans, period.  To do otherwise is racist.  It is also time that blacks start taking back their families and pride by not listening to the likes of Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton, who continually remind them that they are “victims” of slavery, racism, discrimination, injustice, and God knows what else.

All Americans, regardless of race, should be outraged when blacks are treated like little children by government programs that encourage them to be increasingly dependent on Government.  Such programs are the modern-day equivalent of slavery.  While blacks are not slaves in the literal sense, government programs have caused the break up of black families and encouraged foolish choices that have made blacks increasingly dependent on government, their new slave master.  As government slaves, they are less likely to avail themselves of the almost limitless economic opportunities that America still provides.  Getting out of this mess requires a new “can do” attitude on the part of black leaders; an attitude that is not possessed by Mr. Jackson, Mr. Sharpton or their ilk.

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