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Politicians Run Amok

There has been a lot of chaos in the United States during the time that hurricane Katrina and Rita have paid us a visit.  I’m not talking about the wind, the rain, the flooding, the deaths, or the property damage.  … Continue reading

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Episode 6: The Mayor of Hubbard

On one of the wide boulevards of Hubbard, near the downtown, lives Mayor Marsha Lipper-Daley.  Fifty-ish and still thin, Hubbard’s older men still consider her attractive, which never hurts around election time.  During the winter months she frequently visits the … Continue reading

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The silver lining in $3.00 Gasoline!

The steady climb of gasoline to $3.00 per gallon represents a burden for all but the richest Americans.  I saw a self-employed contractor the other day at the gas pump.  He had one of those large pickup trucks with dual … Continue reading

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Hurricane Katrina

Hurricane Katrina has dominated the news this week, a horrible tragedy to be sure.  The only good thing about the hurricane is that it has spared us from the daily litany of bad press spin from Iraq and the continuing … Continue reading

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