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Indians Aren’t Stupid

This week Obama went to Hindustan, literally the land of the Hindu’s, and talked with politicians and India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The main item on Obama’s agenda was to convince the Indians to reduce their carbon footprint. On cue, … Continue reading

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Exemption from Criticism

Wednesday morning I awakened to news that at least two Islamic terrorists shot and killed at least 12 people at a publication office in Paris.  The offices of Charlie Hebdo, a satirical publication, were under “police protection”, which consisted of a … Continue reading

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Michael Brown: Beneath the Surface

Please let me present a different take on the Michael Brown tragedy, and the resulting demonstrations and property destruction after the Grand Jury failed to indict Officer Darren Wilson. I have waited for a while because I wanted to read … Continue reading

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The Millennials

Millennials are people born between 1980 and 2000, or people who are currently in the age group 14-34, which includes my current cohort of 18-22 year old college students. This week one of my students asked me to take a … Continue reading

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OPEC Finally “Over a Barrel”

I’ve got some great news for all Americans; perhaps the best economic news that I’ve delivered in my lifetime. It has nothing to do with Republicans winning the mid-term elections or with Harry Reid’s fall from power. This is really … Continue reading

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Kwik Trip: The Little “C” Store that Could

Quietly, in a La Crosse, Wisconsin industrial park, a business firm is establishing the energy policy of the United States in ways that will reduce pollution, lower transportation costs and improve national prosperity for years to come.  For those of … Continue reading

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Humble Hero on Chicago’s South Side

In this column I will write about current events, politics, economics, religion and other topics that most reasonable people won’t touch. My last column was about sports and this one also is about sports, but I assure you, this is … Continue reading

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